Who are we?

We are young musicians from Angus who enjoy playing traditional music together. The group started in 2009 as Angus Council’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) Celtic Music Project. We recorded an album in 2011 – we are still on Itunes and Spotify!
Our group is now run by parents of our group members and Angus Council Music Instructors. Our friendly music making continues to evolve with each new intake of members. We always adapt to suit the interests and skills of our members. Over lockdown we met on Zoom and we are delighted to be back to real life rehearsals at last!

Can I join in?

Yes! The group is open to all school age children in and around Angus who play an instrument suitable for traditional music. Spaces are limited so we’ll let you know if we can fit you in – there will be a waiting list if necessary.

When and where?

We meet on Mondays, in a central Angus venue. We also take part in local festivals and events. We have a private Whatsapp group to keep everyone up-to-date.

Which instruments are suitable?

So far we have had members playing violin/fiddle, cello, viola, bass, piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, flute, bagpipes, small pipes, whistles, percussion and accordion. We also had workshops in Scots Song. We are open to other instruments and voices too!

I’m not sure, can I give it a try?

Yes! If you’d like to come for a trial session, just get in touch and we will organise that for you.

What does it cost?

The running costs are shared between the members and are currently set at £15 a month. As a parent or carer of a member you would be invited to join the committee and would have a say on this and other decisions.

Is there transport?

We do not have transport to rehearsals, however families do share lifts where appropriate.

How can I find out more?

You can find us on Facebook and see our photos and videos there. You can email with any questions you might have.

You can click here (PDF) to read our full constitution.

How do I get in touch?

You can email; skirdechal@outlook.com or fill in an online application form.
Skirdechal! was established in 2009 by Katherine Liley - Originally from Skye, Katherine teaches Scottish Fiddle in Angus schools. Katherine is also a performer, broadcaster and publisher. Visit her website "Lovaig Music" for more details.